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Claims against moving companies

I’ve been affiliated with the military all my life so the moving was easier, as a civilian what a nightmare. Colonial Van Lines stood me up with two and a half month notice and 40% down forcing me to rent a uhaul and hire thugs through them then having to hire another company Luxe Moving to move me across country. Damages and theft by all! No one seems to want to do the right thing? I’ve reached out to FMCSA several times? I went through thumbtack with Luxe to no avail? Of course the companies themselves are ignoring me? It’s been a literal nightmare, any suggestions?

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  • 6/24/21
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You have a written contract ( I hope) and that contract lists your contents. You also have insurance on the shipment. But your home insurance should also give you guidance and/ or coverage. Importantly "document" EVERYTHING. Save all emails, dates and times are important of this becomes a legal matter with an attorney. Photograph all items damaged.

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