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Meet Me has a consumer rating of 2.92 stars from 629 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Meet Me most frequently mention fake profiles, customer service and phone number problems.Meet Me ranks 17th among Dating sites.

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Positive reviews (last 12 months): 10%
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  • Meet me allows under age users and users that demand sex from other users and they have terrible customer service.
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Top Positive Review

“TIMELISS & her pimp FABULOUS scam ring”

Jake T.

My friends supported these two& were scammed out of over $10,000 each. When they stopped supporting people with 's in their name. All my friends supporters left because they were constantly harrassed by TIMELISS & FABULOUS supporters. She claims to be a lawyer that graduated at age 24. So she started law school at age 16 very unlikely. She also claims to be single when she is in fact married.

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Top Critical Review

“Poor manners from woman today”

Stephen F.

So far on meet me iv been told to $#*! myself also that im ugly and alot of people are fake on there also ask for money witch is not ok when u first talk to someone. How can woman be so mean or more like rude has crap and have no manners meet a nice guy like myself. Laugh if u want i dont care so far this site really blows ass people need to grow up for real. Woman judge men to much now a days thats really sad big time!

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customer service (13)
1 review
33 helpful votes
August 1st, 2020

So far on meet me iv been told to $#*! myself also that im ugly and alot of people are fake on there also ask for money witch is not ok when u first talk to someone. How can woman be so mean or more like rude has crap and have no manners meet a nice guy like myself. Laugh if u want i dont care so far this site really blows ass people need to grow up for real. Woman judge men to much now a days thats really sad big time!

1 review
10 helpful votes
August 5th, 2021

I don't understand what they want me to pay for. They don't investigate any cases of scam, they do nothing to deter scammers from signing up. This site is very miserable compared to
-I know what I pay for there: the overall higher caliber of women and absence of scammers. It's real and safe. I know that it's real because I went on dates through them. The women don't play stupid and don't ask me for money. I could not find at least one genuine woman with good looks on MeetMe - just a bunch of scammers. Be very cautious with this site, it's better to avoid it!

1 review
0 helpful votes
January 28th, 2022

These jokers have double standards all over the place. If you're not being endorsed they will hit you with false "community standard violations", take the diamonds you've earned, and delete your account.

2 reviews
0 helpful votes
January 12th, 2022

It's more of an escort rather than dating site. Use it only if you want to catch a disease or waste your money on a scammer! I had lots of troubles activating my profile then I got shadow banned for no obvious reason after sending 9 messages. There are many sites where you can have virtual sex or meet someone for relationship and they don't ban them for no reason and have helpful customer service. But MeetMe is a time waster, I should have listened to my gut feeling, I knew it was scam, but I still wanted to try it. Well now I can confirm that it's a useless site based on my own experience.

1 review
26 helpful votes
January 4th, 2020

MeetMe was once classmates a place where you could reconnect with people you went to school with was a nice place. Since changing its name to Meetme it's become a place full of prostitutes people selling porn and guys trying to convince women into giving out nude photos. I'm more than sure those that give out pictures of them selves those pictures are sold to porn sites. Beware of this site it's trash

1 review
0 helpful votes
August 18th, 2021

15% of Escort and 85 % of scam. Use it only if you want to catch a f*#*ng disease or waste your $ on a scammer! If you want higher caliber of women, it's not the right place.
If you're looking for a sweet sugar baby there - it's something impossible to find on MeetMe.
They have about 500 women online every night and all of them are scammers. None of them could make a good sugar baby.

28 reviews
2 helpful votes
February 12th, 2022

There is a scam all around, but this is to be expected from such services. I am not saying that the site/service is bad. Well done guys for making it, because it really helps someone. But users who want to remain in the shadow of anonymity will deceive other more honest users. I say this to the fact that on a dating site you can stumble upon not very pleasant things. You waste time and money on people who don't really exist or pretend to be different. It is unpleasant. But there is also a particle of those who are themselves. And it's nice.

2 reviews
74 helpful votes
January 31st, 2020

I'm being generous when I say this, but 99.5% of the women on here are worthless, pretentious, self absorbed and useless wh0res. I'm talking bottom of the barrel. Live chat is a freak show and a stage for the most narcissistic losers I've ever had to watch in my life. This app is an example of $#*! that floats around in our toilet bowl of a society. Lmao, wtf had happened to human beings? Especially women... and females claim they have standards? If this is what feminism has fought for, the world is f#@*$d.

1 review
28 helpful votes
June 4th, 2020

Ive joined as a streamer not once but 3 times. They robbed me of diamonds,. I have earn 80k which means i can cash out $200 but as soon as i get close they delete my account. I havent even streamed in a week. I have no email why just a complete ban. I had an admin watch my account she assured me my account wouldnt get removed and it still got removed. Its a scam so people pay money thr site never has to cash out. Meetme admins are criminals!

1 review
8 helpful votes
September 14th, 2020

I spent 10 weeks on meet me, I wasted my time, I got nothing but Nigerians or ghana people with fake USA women photos ( stolen would you believe) Trying to proposition me to send cash via western union because mother was sick >? That's before i even know they were real. When you try and speak on live cam they decline. Then I had 5 a day giving me links to sex websites wanting my credit card details. I got sick to death withe the scams. Time the admin was replaced or sorted out blocking Africans from Nigeria etc. Its not hard to block Africans as I have written software algorithms many times that can do just that.

1 review
2 helpful votes
May 28th, 2020

Well for starter it's Free for the most part. I wouldn't consider it a complete waste. But I do wish the developers would bring back the local discussion boards.

I basically check once a week since the last update.
Its pretty boaring now but it does work at getting bites just gotta update ur pic once in a while.

There are scammers and catfish but thats on ever site these days. Add me "Jahmaul" <- heck y not.

1 review
4 helpful votes
April 13th, 2021

I have been locked out several times a year. I use a computer but that doesnt matter. I bought a smartphone because the verification process said to load meetme app. On my computer, cant do that. Got on the verification after downloading the app. Checked the two boxes, clicked get started, went right back the the first screen and it circles back to the same screen never sending an email as described. I usually have to write support many emails before something happens. This is getting very tiring.

1 review
1 helpful vote
September 17th, 2020

Meet Me is a terrible service for females looking to date because it attracts many male users who BULLY, scam, and threaten. It also promotes sexist and racist rants. AVOID.

4 reviews
30 helpful votes
September 5th, 2021

Disgusting disgusting service and app and the staff that work there are pathetic! Deleted my account for f all and keep sending me bs to verify it! Bladi joke! Taken money from me ain't returned the money and keep pathetic fake children on and people that strip and do nudes and sex chat or hand jobs all the time but normal adults like me ain't allowed on? Should be blocked as a business this awful should!

1 review
26 helpful votes
February 10th, 2020

I have told men they should go hire a prostitute then they block me this a joke if your having a normal conversation they block you some are married. One guy had the same picture he kept tell me I was crazy then he blocked me such a loser. Yes their are a bunch of scammers they say they live near you then they are $#*!ing piece keeping mission to some $#*!ing country. Then you report them then I get blocked.

1 review
0 helpful votes
September 30th, 2021

My friends supported these two& were scammed out of over $10,000 each. When they stopped supporting people with 's in their name. All my friends supporters left because they were constantly harrassed by TIMELISS & FABULOUS supporters. She claims to be a lawyer that graduated at age 24. So she started law school at age 16 very unlikely. She also claims to be single when she is in fact married.

Tip for consumers:
Get to know people before gifting people/ spending money on them. Be careful of top badges as well it's their full time job so some of them will lie to you to get your money.

1 review
5 helpful votes
December 4th, 2020

I have used this app ams it recently locked me out after spending several dollars that are no longer accessible. Now, it will not let me login with Facebook nor a new email. RIDICULOUS

1 review
28 helpful votes
April 2nd, 2020

It's good only for those looking for a prostitute and catching a disease. And even in this case, it's not the best option because it's overloaded with fakes! It's full of obnoxious underage idiots and all kinds of perverts. The rest of people are mostly scammers aiming at getting a WU transfer. It's a pile of feces, a dirty swamp that should be avoided by normal people!

1 review
2 helpful votes
August 22nd, 2021

Meetme caters to the scammers. If you continue to block all of the scammer which consist of 99.9999% of the female users, they will complain and get you blocked. The site is useless unless you wanna talk to nothing but fake ass people that not only try and lure you to a different platform or ask for your email to put you on a list to receive nonstop emails for people try to scam you for your money, but the site actually cater to those people and blocks real people. Good luck!

1 review
1 helpful vote
August 11th, 2021

I'm shocked at the amount of spam and scam on MeetMe. Their customer service doesn't care about the integrity of the site. Service quality is very low, as well as chances of finding a genuine lady. I was flooded with messages, but all of them were short and meaningless with no reference to my profile. I could see it easily that my profile wasn't read and that the ladies were not serious. MeetMe is totally useless for those looking for relationship!

1 review
13 helpful votes
March 22nd, 2020

Terrible all are scam artists wanting to go to 3 party sites always trying to get that credit card no. Terrible scams no girls at all not even too meet up that does not exist not even for $500 it is a bunch of dudes with computers trying everything they can to get your credit card no then they max out account MeetMe is fake fake fake just swinging man dix hear

1 review
5 helpful votes
August 4th, 2020

How do you claim diamond fraud? On a streamer who is diamond trading and using the process totally wrong

1 review
4 helpful votes
September 16th, 2020

I have used this app on and off for four yrs but it's gotten so bad and have no desire to use again. I would not show my face on my profile bec of so many creeps. The first messages are usually down right nasty telling u what they want to do to u sexually. I would just delete them and try and find decent people to chat with. It's just not a healthy app especially for women. A lot of guys asking u to watch them, talk sex so they can do their thing, or asking to come over to hang out. Dating site, whatever in the last 4 months of trying it again, not one single guy asked me out. They complain about not a lot of real women, these perverts chase them off. Used to meet a few nice guys from there but now it's really just full of nasty creepy guys.

1 review
19 helpful votes
May 10th, 2020

You get kicked out anytime for now reason. I had to register 6 new email accounts to continue chatting with my friends. Meetme support never replied for my questions. Its not a serious app nor are the owners. I give this -10 in support and managment. Please close down or be better

1 review
0 helpful votes
July 24th, 2021

The biggest whore on the app is Triple OG Portuguese. She thinks she's so hot and falls is men broke when we don't want to gift her. I heard she lives with a man and scamming viewers out of virtual diamonds. She smokes weed on stream which is against community guidelines


Q&A (96)


Don't worry, it doesn't necessarily mean that your husband is on this dating site. They often use outdated profiles just to attract more users and to make themselves seem big and popular. I found lots of fake profiles there, that's why I really don't like it. I switched to http://j4Iove.com It's just a tip for those who look for someone real, genuine and interested. Meetme is just a garbage bin comparing to it.

By Mark B.
See more answers (6)

It should bring up a password reset screen. You don't say which country you are in. If you put your phone number in on the reset screen, it will text you a code number to put in on meetme. If you are in uk you input your phone number as +44 replacing the first zero of your phone number. That should log u in, Then go to your profile and do a password reset. That might ask you to put your phone number in again for them to text you another code. That should either log u in, or send you a link to change your password

By andy m.

If you want to access parts of meet me that aren't included then there is a fee but to establish an initial account no that is free.

By Marlo S.
See more answers (2)

Yes, Jasmine is correct. He is a member of MeetMe to get a message like that. Your messages from women or men you meet there or then relayed to your phone. Best thing for you to do and I have done in the past is to make up a fake ID with fake photo. One that is believable though not a model. Then search for him there. He may be using a fake photo too though.

By Monica P.
See more answers (2)

The English is so bad in this question that it cannot be understood. Please delete this question.

By Gym R.
See more answers (2)

Someone has infultrated my mobile number i am currently getting calls and texts from random people all times of day and night. I contacted the meetme lawsuite administration office and they stated there is nothing they can do because they cant find a profile with my number on it and they do not have documentation of outside messages or calls. I also sent them over 30 messages i have received and states i didnt creat a profile and didnt send you a message with my number in it and they just keep saying its not there responsibility and that i have to go to my local athorities if i want to do anything about it. I am highly considered going to the Attourney Generals office and filing a complaint on the website for Identity Theft! This type of crap pisses me off!

By Random G.
See more answers (2)

Yes. I watched from my friends profile it took about 45 mins to not show online, once I logged out.

By L L.

This is a terrible scam! First I get an email that my account has suspicious activity, and don't even remember having this account. Then I try to access the account to basically delete it. It requests my phone number to regain password. So I confirm my phone number, so now they have it too. Next it does not allow to change password. I contact helpdesk and they say I don't have an account. So now they have my email address, have my verified phone number, they continue emailing me with notifications about people ready to chat. And there is an option to change notifications, if I log into my account that does not exist or change password, the form doesn't work. And I can't imagine what is in that non existing profile, who now have my personal data, etc.

By Evgenia M.

I havent had any over heating it gets hot but its not really the app maybe just cus your on at a constant rate the screen being on and phone in use is causing the actual problem if it happen dont even close account just shut off screen or try turning your brightness down should fix it if not download the defender app from google play its free and legit it has a cpu cooling application inside works great.

By Marvin W.

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