the Sitejabber Influencer
Rewards Program

Sitejabber is driven by a community of savvy shoppers who know the best places to shop online. From established brand enthusiasts to innovative trendsetters, our influencers know that their honest opinions will help the over 3 million consumers who research brands and products on Sitejabber each month.

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“Who knew that writing reviews could get you free products and exclusive invites to influencer events? I’ve hung out with other influencers I never would have been able to meet, and received free stuff from brands like Fenty Beauty and Fashion Nova!”

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“It’s been super rewarding to be part of a rewards program that actually works. Writing and filming reviews are easy, and I get to receive free gift cards and products, try new things at brand-hosted events, and socialize with other content creators I love hanging out with.”

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“I’ve heard a lot about Sitejabber’s Influencer program, so I applied to see what the hype was all about. And sheeeesh, I love it! My video reviews are now reaching thousands of more viewers, and I’m happy knowing I’m helping people every time a Sitejabber member tells me they love my videos.”

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“I never thought of myself as an influencer. But when Sitejabber launched the Influencer Program, I thought to give it a shot. I’ve gotten free gift cards to spend on my favorite brands, and even complimentary, newly released products. Not to mention meeting fun people at great events!”

How do you become a Sitejabber Influencer?

  • Help others by sharing your shopping experiences and providing advice
  • Earn points by creating content and engaging with the community
  • Redeem points to attend exclusive events and win free rewards
Activity Points
Write reviews 1-10
Create videos 20
Share your content 10
* Your first 100 points will get you an exclusive invite to your first event

TERMS & CONDITIONS: For full details on the Sitejabber Influencer Rewards Program, read our terms & conditions here.

How can I write a great review?

Check out our Review Guidelines for advice on how to write a helpful review.

Write a Review
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Every month, you will be eligible to receive:

Free Products

Discover new fashion, beauty, skincare, and electronic products that Sitejabber delivers directly to its members. Items will depend on partnered companies and the popularity of different products. In addition, each month may feature various trending brands.

Sitejabber Rewards

Gift cards from popular brands are awarded at our monthly Influencer Events and emailed directly to you. Previous eligible brands included Amazon, Sephora, ASOS, Apple, and more.

Social Events

One of the most popular features of the Sitejabber Influencer Rewards Program are invites to exclusive Sitejabber-hosted events. You can meet fellow influencers, network through fun activities, and more. Sitejabber Program Managers will share the details of each event every month.

Expert Advice

Besides receiving more eyes on your content from millions of reviewers, you can get to know some of the biggest brands in the world. Through Sitejabber exclusive events and partnerships, members have the opportunity to connect with executives from fashion, beauty, lifestyle, entertainment, and tech brands.

Before you apply to the Sitejabber Influencer Rewards Program, please complete the following steps:

  1. Register an account
  2. Submit three reviews with photos
  3. Record at least one video review
  4. Add your social media profiles