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Site Jabber needs to give reviewers a rating.

I don't trust reviews with a single review under their belt. If you only have 1 review then your vote should be less important then those with a number of reviews. Their should be a sliding scale the more reviews you do the more your score counts. It's quite clear that companies like WISH are making their employees or paying shills to write 1 sentence fake reviews. I'm sure if I look around I'll be able to find websites selling fake reviews. Maybe if you force a reviewer to give more details like their facebook page link or their GEOlocation (assuming their not using a VPN which is very easy to reverse IP lookup). Maybe reduce vote value of those that only give a single sentence review. Also I noticed there are reviews were the person in complaining but still gave the company 5 stars? Maybe we should have a simple little test to make sure people understand 5 stars is good not bad?

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  • 12/29/21
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I do agree.
I know for example than Nella E. Reviewing the company Falinas is a completely fake profile but she's allowed to reply to Avery question posed with Falinas in the lost positive review possible, ignoring the numerous reviews saying it's a scam.

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