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Whispark has a consumer rating of 3.27 stars from 82 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Whispark ranks 25th among Dating sites.

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Positive reviews (last 12 months): 50%
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  • They had the worst customer service I've ever found.
  • I am now contacting with a beautiful Asian lady on the site.
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Top Positive Review

“Great free trail service for new users!”

Arvin G.

Whispark.com is a great dating website. I got three days free trail service coupons in the beginning and 100 pic coupons this Oct. Funny hotties from SEA is my favorite~

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Top Critical Review

“Cheating you out of your credits and charging 8 dollars per minute for a phone calls that costs 46 c”

Anthony F.

Unprofessional site!. They rubbing people... I've spend more than 3k on phone calls and did more that 60 letters, me and the girl that I've met want to exchange email and representatives from this site telling me that I have to be here another 3 months... they holding you as prisoners on this site! Don't trust them... after spending more than 3k on calls they still denying you!... stop spending money on this site...!

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1 review
2 helpful votes
January 20th, 2022

Whispark.com is a great dating website. I got three days free trail service coupons in the beginning and 100 pic coupons this Oct. Funny hotties from SEA is my favorite~

Tip for consumers:
Any questions of using the website, you can send message to customer service girl, she also gives you tips and coupons.

1 review
30 helpful votes
July 20th, 2020

Unprofessional site!. They rubbing people... I've spend more than 3k on phone calls and did more that 60 letters, me and the girl that I've met want to exchange email and representatives from this site telling me that I have to be here another 3 months... they holding you as prisoners on this site! Don't trust them... after spending more than 3k on calls they still denying you!... stop spending money on this site...!

1 review
0 helpful votes
November 25th, 2021

I thik this dating site will be good its low cost https://u.to/KjzHGw, chat and call feature thats why i am ref

1 review
1 helpful vote
January 20th, 2022

There is a saying that there is a women behind every successful man, and I find that my partner from whispark.
I joined the site around 1 year ago. Truely, there are a lot of beautiful girls here and one gorgeous women now is my wife I found here. I started chatting and sometimes video calling with her. After two months, we started meeting each other in restaurant and beach and started dating each other.
We got married last month. Now she is my wife and my life. We are living together in Ukrian and living a happy life.

Tip for consumers:
Very niccce!

1 review
16 helpful votes
August 7th, 2020

I can't believe I would still meet my love even after divorced for years, at my this age. As first, I wasn't attracted by Lili, she is not as beautiful as other ladies on the site, but she is the most caring one. While chatting with her, she always cares about me, how my day was going, was I happy and so on. Gradually, she walks into my heart and I can't live without her. We both have chemistry on each other. On Valentine's day, we planed a meeting and got married again. Don't be disappointed about love, you will find true love like us eventually.

6 reviews
37 helpful votes
September 22nd, 2021

I'm getting crazy amount of chat requests and messages. Usually these messages are a one line nonsense from 20 year old girls. It looks very scammy, because these women want to chat all the time, and chat is very expensive. I chose http://J4Dates.com
For chatting and real life meetings because the prices are more moderate there and the girls are not so crazily attached to the site. I think they are just more genuine and relationship-focused there. I'm about to leave Whispark, it doesn't look reliable!

2 reviews
17 helpful votes
August 14th, 2020

Here is the true, factual information about how Whispark and similar sites work. I was fortunate, I defied the odds, and at a cost of about $4000 USD to meet a woman from the site I did meet an amazing woman who has since shared with me the reality of this industry.

Unlike others, I never did have any problems with false credit card charges, but everything on the site is crazy expensive.

This is a situation of one man's experience, with one particular marriage agency in one particular city, but it is quite disturbing but I suspect typical. After months of separation due to covid, we are finally together for a prolonged period and having a wonderful time getting to know each other. We both feel so fortunate.

The women are generally represented by a "Marriage Agency", with whom you will never have direct contact. The women sign a contract that may have more restrictions on meeting a person than those of Whispark. For example, the site allows for asking contact information after exchanging 30 messages, but her agency did not allow her to provide contact information for at least 1 month, and until I spent sufficient money chatting and sharing photos with her. And then, said no contact information until we met.

10% of the money you spend on photos and chatting there go to the ladies, the rest goes to the marriage agency and Whispark. Women have an incentive to chat with anyone and everyone to maximize the extraction of dollars.

Sadly, it is exploiting both the women and the men.

The marriage agency does a photo shot, and photoshops the heck out of photos. They increased her breast size (her A+ breasts are perfect as they are), and told her to lie about her job, lie about her marital history.

When she objected, saying "What if I really meet somebody", they said, "We are creating a legacy for you on the site". At least in my experience though, most of the women would share more real life selfies quickly so you could see more what they were really like.

Some of the women there look like models because they are or have been, which was the case with the woman I met. But her agency told her not to disclose that, they created a fake more "professional" persona, when in reality she has a regular service industry job and modeling was in her past.

I flew to her city last year and had a "Romance Meet" setup for $150. Note you cannot setup a Romance Meet with one person, you blast it out to everybody in the area, and I got multiple responses, but of course only setup one for the response with my new friend.

This was supposed to pay for a translator for 90 minutes, and pay for the dinner. I paid for the dinner, I paid an additional $100 or so for the translator since the date lasted 3 hours, but the translator also acted as a chaperone to insure our physical contact was limited. I thought, what is the business of the translator if I want to kiss her?

My friend also knew enough English to also know that in some cases the translator was NOT accurately conveying what I was saying. The translator encouraged buying the most expensive dishes at the restaurant. I felt like I was more on a date with the translator than with the woman I wanted to meet.

Although I had to provide an IMBRA form before we could me, she never provided an IMBRA form to Whispark or the agency, which actually creates a problem should I ever sponsor her for and Fiancé visa. I would need to provide her IMBRA form on the visa application, tell about the marriage agency and the site, and this is now not possible and I have no information about the marriage agency. Whispark does not even disclose it's physical address, also needed for the visa.

My friend said her agency "is more interested in making money than making happy couples".

After a second date, with the same translator, we did manage to exchange emails and phone numbers, and we went private off the site. However, when she told the marriage agency that she found her match and cancel her profiles, they harassed her, insisted she should stay on the site (and others) to bring in more money for her and the agency.

Fortunately, she is a smart and strong woman and insisted that they deleted her account, which eventually happened months after we went private. They yelled at her. I had to ask multiple times for my account to be deleted.

She did not want me to complain about any of this to Whispark for fear of her safety, she said her marriage agency is associated with the local Mafia. She has changed her address and phone number.

I am sharing this here in a way not linked to my former account I had there and cannot convey this dissatisfaction directly with the site at her request. I suspect there was even an NDA saying she could not disclose the details of how this worked.

We Skyped for months, she learned English very well, and as the time got near for our second time together, she slowly started unwinding the lies, sometimes with lesser lies closer to the truth. She was terrified I would reject her. She has now disclosed everything about her past, her experience on this and similar sites. She is an amazing women, who has gone through so much in her life, and we are very much in love and happy to have found each other … but we defied the odds. We were both full of anxiety before we met for our prolonged time together, I did not know if I could trust her given all the lies, she did not know if I would reject her for the lies. Fortunately I am a mature, open minded, understanding person, and listened to her story, but told her I have no tolerance for any lies moving forward.

Men, it is possible for this to work. Ask them if they would provide contact information after the 30 emails. Tell them you have heard "some women on these sites are just making money and are already in a relationship, is that true?" Tell that if we do meet, and find out that anything you told me was a lie, it is a deal breaker. Take command, don't be a victim.

Setup a Romance Meet as soon as you are able to travel. Hire and bring your own translator as well, that will freak them out (don't tell her about your translator, just show up with a translator). After 90 minutes, tell the other translator, OK, your time is up, goodbye.

Get off the site if you really meet somebody. Ask Whispark and the translator to verify the lady has provided an IMBRA form. Verify the woman has gotten off the site if she says she has chosen you.

Whispark, if you are listening, please have a code of contact with the agencies. Vet them, enforce it. Why do the men provide IMBRA forms but not the women? Why do the agencies encourage the women to lie, to "play" men and stay on the site even when they have found someone? Be clear upfront that after 90 minutes there will be more charges for the translator.

I only give 2 stars because somehow I did meet my wonderful new girlfriend and hopefully future life partner. I am being generous because we are in love.

3 reviews
8 helpful votes
January 12th, 2022

This site's aim is to screw you out of your money. They have a well-coordinated team: 1000s of models (pretty girls with hot photos) and 1000s of chat operators (they are the ones you chat with thinking they are these pretty girls in the pics). Don't fall victim to this fraud! Avoid Whispark at all costs! Just stay away from it fellows, you have better chances to meet your love at a local grocery store!

1 review
14 helpful votes
April 30th, 2020

Big gift to me! She's beautiful and cute!
I wish I could take you out for a meal and glass of wine to say a Big thank You!
Thank you for your encouragement, fantastic web site and also for speedy customer support.!
Now I can chat with my lady friend for 5 days via your web site! Yipee!
Many SIncere Thanks, I look forward to encouraging my single friends and work colleagues to use Whispark.

1 review
4 helpful votes
November 29th, 2020

Many fake profile among woman, pure rip-offs, one woman is particularly unscrupulous, she calls Xiaoxuan and is a particularly brazen liar and cheater. She pretends to love you and has no scruples or character, bottom gutter. And Whispark thinks that´s okay, the site should be closed because it´s a rip-off. Credits gained disappear from one day to the next, service is difficult to reach, and you can no longer delete your profile yourself, all " FAKE "

0 reviews
1 helpful vote
January 21st, 2022

I don't know why some of them always doubt Whispark alot. But personally I wanna give many thanks to the site. I found my love here one year ago.

1 review
7 helpful votes
December 3rd, 2020

I am about to leave it. I'm getting crazy amount of chat requests and messages. Usually these messages are a one line nonsense from 20 year old girls. It looks very scammy, because these women want to chat all the time, and chat is very expensive. Since women are so crazily attached to this site, I suspect they are getting paid by it and all they are interested in is my money.

1 review
21 helpful votes
January 18th, 2020

To the Whispark team, thank you from the bottom of my heart! Whispark really helped me a lot because my Chinese lady and i are planning marriage, I'm studying Chinese so that eventually when we meet, we can communicate better! When the time is right and we marry, I will submit a testimonial and write positive reviews on other sites about how I met my special lady here on Whispark.

There are many illegitimate dating sites out there and it can get quite costly. I feel confident in continuing using Whispark!

Whisaprk is convenient and easy to use. Recommend to everyone!

1 review
2 helpful votes
January 20th, 2022

Great site to meet and chat with new friends. I've tried differnt dating sites, but only with this one was I able to find my love. Thank you Whispark!

1 review
13 helpful votes
June 4th, 2020

Very prompt response! Whispark team pay close attention on my problem, and explain everything clearly. Whispark is #1 in customer care and satisfaction. All my best to your entire team. Keep up the good work!

5 reviews
44 helpful votes
May 17th, 2020

This site the women are great looking but hard to believe all these beautiful women are real. What is funny the good reviews are from people who work at site or for company. You can't get customer service. I have been on site since February 2019 and you don't want to know how many women who loved me as long as you spend money you will find fake love. I have told ladies not interested in them at least 20 of them they still write today. So to you guy's who are happy with site please answer this why would a lady keep writing you day in day out if you tell her your not interested? All of the women I have said this to write daily so why would you write someone if you told them not interested or if you cut them down they still write do you know why they get paid to get men to spend money site is joke and someone needs to do a true investigation on this site because they have gotten my money and lot's of other's how can this be legal. I have proof of fake women so to you people saying you met a great woman your a joke just like site.

Tip for consumers:
Don't waste your money would love to talk to anyone who wants to have screen shots of 20 to 30 ladies how they love me then talked to members service if I ran a business like they do I would be broke. I asked a number of ladies to prove there love by sending a picture with my name on paper and them holding. Guess how many sent not a one they all got offended and some got mean real guy's I think not have screen shots of this also and talking to service saying they can send pictures it cost.

Products used:
I purchased vip membership and credits

1 review
6 helpful votes
November 7th, 2020

This site's aim is to screw you out of your money. They have a well-coordinated team: models (pretty girls with hot photos) and chat operators (they are the ones you chat with thinking they are these pretty girls in the pics). You are getting crazy amount of chat requests and messages. Usually these messages are a one line nonsense from 20 year old girls. It is very scammy, because these women want to chat all the time, and chat is very expensive. Don't fall victim to this fraud! Search elsewhere, but please avoid Whispark fellows - you will save your wallet and feelings! You have better chances to meet your love at a local grocery store!

Whispark O. – Whispark Rep

Hello Adrian Y.,

Thanks for your kind feedback. It seems you are unhappy about our website when enjoying our services.

Adrian, Whispark attaches great importance to the authentication of members, which can guarantee a reliable and real relationship. To achieve a highest level of realness, all lady members must confirm their identities by submitting their identification files such as ID card, Passport, Verified video/photo, etc. After a further review by our related Dept., their profiles could be posted on Whispark for their love journey. You may rest assured that we do not allow any fake profiles or improper behaviors on our site.

To better figure out your concern, could you contact us at whisparkcs@gmail.com or come to https://www.whispark.com to write an email to us? Whispark Customer Service team are always at your service.

Whispark Team

2 reviews
8 helpful votes
April 28th, 2021

If any guys think that you will get someone on this website, you are crazy! They make money by talking to as many guys as possible. As soon as you log into the site, you get overwhelmed with women that want to chat. You are the blood in the water for the sharks. Almost all of the women on this site are drop dead gorgeous and I don't understand why they have to use a site like this to get guys. Just look at the women from Ukraine or even from China. Any guy would love to be with them. It goes to show you that they are just looking for suckers with money. Buying credits for every little thing. Stupid! When you do get to know someone on there, they send you letters(5 or more at 10 credits per letter) and you know when that woman sends you a letter because most of the letter is broken English if she isn't good at English and other letters that she send you is perfect English. Explain that! It is such a scam and i would give up anything to get that website shut down and have those money whores exposed for who they are. Save your money and don't get caught up with this trash! F that site and F anyone who thinks that site is legit!

1 review
3 helpful votes
August 8th, 2021

Do. Not use this dating website if you share you information so you can obtain your girlfriend's info. Even after they let you share her info they block the phone # so you can't talk anyway also goes with the email they block it from getting thru.

1 review
3 helpful votes
March 27th, 2021

I am, suspicious of a particular lady on that site does anyone know her Qiuying He this would help me confirm my doubts.and this site is so expensive, is it worth it if this girl I know is fake.

1 review
1 helpful vote
January 21st, 2022

I will recommend Whispark.com to all the people who's willing to seek a lifetime partner. I think it the best dating community, the girls are real and the customer support are very helpful. It gives me a good chance to meet my girl.

1 review
14 helpful votes
May 26th, 2020

One of the best dating site ever. Convenient services and many sincere ladies here. Luckily, I found my girl here. And thanks for all the help as kept our romance with my lady in calmer waters. Much appreciations!

1 review
17 helpful votes
June 5th, 2020

I wanted to say thank you this wonderful site. You have always been very kind and generous with me and I want everyone there to know it is greatly appreciated. Thank you everyone. Take care. You guys are NO. 1.

1 review
7 helpful votes
March 7th, 2020

I have been joined for about a month. I think it is a good site so far. There are many beautiful women there at different ages, good. Hope I can find a gf here.

1 review
7 helpful votes
January 18th, 2020

So far, it is a nice choice to kill time, some Asian ladies are adorable and lovely. Let me see to create some sparks here.

Q&A (14)


Theoretically you can exchange contact information after you spend about $800-1000 and write your girl min 60 letters. You have to use their site for 3 months (minimum). But then most likely you will be very disappointed because your woman will either refuse to give you her phone number, viber, email, etc or she will give you her email, write you couple of messages and leave you, because she will need to continue making money on the other men. Sad, but true. Perhaps there are a few exceptions, but you have to be really lucky to find them on Whispark. I lost lots of money there, but finally I discovered a more or less honest site https://j4l.com/402007 I exchanged personal information with three ladies and none of them dumped me after this! I wish I knew about this site before wasting $4500 on Whispark!

By Craig w.
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Ich habe die Löschung mehrmals beantragt, aber keine Reaktion von Whispark

By Uwe H.
See more answers (2)

Cause they want you to buy credits and spend your money on these women. You are nothing but liars and cheats. You have to send 30 letters to her and she has to send 30 letters to you along with proof of id and be talking to her for 3 months in order to get her email address. Don't get suckered into, man!

By Stephen B.

Cause she is using you to get your money! Don't fall for that. You will be wasting your money.

By Stephen B.

Hi Robert, this is customer representative from Whispark, we appreciate your interest and attention on our site. For your concern, please note our customer support team has gotten back to you, please kindly check your mailbox. If there is still anything we could help, please feel free to contact us.

By Whispark O.

You have to read and write 30 letters to the same person, at a minimum cost of about $600 and have been a member on the site for 3 months. I encourage people to sign up, and ignore the site for three months, then get serious, unless they are really free to travel. Also, some women will not give contact information. Ask up front if after exchanging the required messages they will provide contact information. I had one woman make up reasons not to provide it, so I stopped interacting with her. The woman who caught my eye said she would provide contact information, but then when we met the requirement her "agency" encouraged her to wait until we met. Her contract required chatting for 30 days before providing contact info, then she changed her mind about providing it. I flew to Kiev about 6 weeks after we started chatting for a "Romance Meet" and she provided contact information after our second date. We have been skyping daily since and I plan to fly back to see her as soon as covid allows. At first I was skeptical because she started moving the goalposts so to speak, but she was shy, beautiful, cautious, and we have developed a very close relationship.

By David N.

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Whispark is a specialist international dating website that help expand dating opportunities. Whispark strives to gather people who dreams of meeting “one” person to build a delightful, meaningful and long-term relationship, whether in Asia, Latin America or Europe. Whispark team are committed to do utmost best to make your search for true love fun and enjoyable.

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Whispark O.
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